Churches have tremendous potential to be places of transformation and joy. But they can also struggle to embrace their central calling and reveal only too clearly our human imperfections. Credence & Co. believes that just as God remained present to his unlikely choices in the Scriptures, so also is God present with us and our congregations, reminding us of our purpose and calling.

Sometimes that message can be hard to hear, and that’s where Credence & Co. can help. We walk with you as you listen for God’s leading, wisely, compassionately and sometimes boldly supporting you and your congregation through challenges, transitions, or the journey through renewal.

Our Team

When you work with Credence & Co., you access an entire team of highly skilled and experienced consultants that are able to work across the denominational spectrum, including but not limited to Anglican, Baptist, Brethren in Christ, Christian Reformed, Mennonite, Non-denominational, Roman Catholic, Salvation Army, Presbyterian, and United Church of Canada. Our consultants are committed to grounding themselves in a life of prayer and contemplation in the Christian faith, working from a solid knowledge of congregational and organizational issues.