Natasha Krahn

Administrative Assistant

Natasha Krahn joined L3 (Credence & Co) in June 2016 as the Administrative Assistant. In this position, Natasha works alongside Credence & Co. consultants, managing the details of contracts and invoicing with clients.

Previously, Natasha was responsible for the circulation and finances of Canadian Mennonite, the national magazine for Mennonite Church Canada. She has worked as a research assistant for the Kidney Health Research Group at the University of Alberta and as a human rights observer with Christian Peacemaker Teams, working in Hebron, Israel-Palestine, and Burnt Church, New Brunswick. Natasha holds a BA, with a major in English literature, from the University of Waterloo.

Natasha has adopted the adage of “Those who can’t, teach” to “Those who can’t, handle the details so that those who can, are free to do so.” She enjoys taking responsibility for administrative and financial tasks, so that Credence & Co.’s work of transforming organizations can be the consultants’ primary focus.