Our Services

At Credence & Co. we have committed ourselves to listening deeply for the heart of each person, for the overarching culture of the system with which we are working, and most importantly, for God’s leading in whatever situation we are in. For us, this means that we enter into each situation with our hearts and ears open for God’s direction. Each congregation is different with its own unique story and challenges, and as such, we have learned that resolving conflict or nurturing changes must be tailored to each group with whom we work. We commit to leading with courage and honesty recognizing that while we will sometimes be leading you into hard conversations, we will do so with a spirit of grace and humility.


  • Leadership is available for individual pastors and ministry staff team members. Leadership coaching encourages people to lead from their strengths, to enhance their leadership skills, and to build the strength of the whole church.
  • Conflict coaching is available for pastors, ministry staff team members and lay leaders. Conflict coaching allows those being coached to learn conflict management skills, to think through a challenging relationship, to plan for future encounters, and/or to bring closure to existing conflicted dynamics.

Conflict Assessment
and Mediation

  • Churches are often challenged when conflict situations emerge. Credence & Co. is available to provide churches encountering such challenges with (a) consultation regarding conflict; (b) assessments and recommendations for addressing these situations; and (c) intervention to support churches with the resolution of conflict.
  • Interventions in conflict situations can include interpersonal or group mediation, conflict coaching, workshop facilitation, review of policies and procedures, facilitation regarding tough decisions, or referrals for counseling.
  • Mediation brings parties together, with the support of a mediator, to address their concerns and develop a more effective working relationship with one another.

Congregational Renewal and Change

  • Credence & Co. walks with congregations as they discover their place on the Congregational Life and Renewal Cycle. Credence & Co. facilitates conversations that open churches up to God’s leading and fosters decision-making for renewal and change.
  • The Congregational Life and Renewal Cycle is first and foremost a spiritual journey that invites churches to find their way in what can sometimes feel like a confusing twenty-first century environment.

Workshops, Preaching, and Teaching

  • Credence & Co. provides a regular slate of workshops in partnership with Conrad Grebel University College, custom-designed workshops tailored for particular groups’ needs, and preaching for church worship or assembly services. Credence & Co is in the process of developing web-based learning opportunities that can support organizations that span North America and the globe.)
  • A sampling of talks and workshop titles includes:
    • Congregational Leadership in the Changing Context of the 21st Century Culture
    • Contemplative Prayer
    • Transforming Polarized Thinking
    • Ministry from the Inside Out: Congregational Leadership and Transformation
    • Understanding Conflict: Foundations
    • Understanding Conflict: Advanced
    • Tackling Tough Conversations
    • Giving and Receiving Feedback
    • Leading the Church through Times of Conflict
    • Leading Congregational Renewal and Change
    • The Bully in the Workplace
    • Healthy Boundaries
    • Leading Council, Committee and Congregational Meetings
    • Developing Thriving Multi-Staff Church Leadership Teams
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator


  • Occasionally, churches come to Credence & Co. with a generalized sense of malaise, not sure what they are looking for. At other times they come with multiple concerns with which they are wrestling simultaneously. Credence & Co. provides consultation services in these situations, listening carefully, asking questions and helping churches discern their most appropriate next steps. Credence & Co. has particular expertise in the areas of congregational renewal, conflict management, organizational culture, change management, and leadership development.
  • Credence & Co. is currently developing a relationship with an organizational health survey company to allow for regular “health checks” for churches.

Facilitation Regarding Decision Making & Change Management

  • Churches can feel overwhelmed when it comes to making tough decisions, whether these decisions are associated with something concrete (should this program or service ministry be discontinued or revamped?) or something more intangible, such as larger concerns regarding vision and mission (where is our church headed?). Credence & Co. is available to work with committees leading these conversations and/or to lead tough congregational/parish meetings.

Policy Development

  • Credence & Co. offers policy review and development support in the following areas:
    • Performance Management
    • Staff Reviews
    • Decision-Making
    • Dispute Resolution Policies
    • Policies for Addressing Matters of “Grave Concern”
    • General Human Resources Policies

Writing/Thought Leadership

  • Credence & Co. is committed to thinking strategically about trends in leadership, conflict management,and training—especially as our work is impacted by larger cultural, political and socio-economic phenomena in the twenty-first century. Credence & Co. can offer strategic brainstorming sessions and innovation workshops for church leaders to help them understand how larger trends are affecting their churches.
  • Credence & Co. is available to write papers analyzing these trends and their implications for local and national churches. We believe it is imperative to see clearly and with context in order to discern risks and opportunities, and then engage cooperatively to meet those challenges or take advantage of them.

Looking to build a thriving congregation?

Whether it’s working with one individual or a whole congregation, we look forward to serving you and your church.

Our Typical Work Process


Discussion around your needs and wants for the desired project, your potential milestones and end goals that you are hoping to achieve and your budget for the project.


We work with you to understand your congregation and its culture so that we can design a process specifically for you.


We implement the process and monitor the success of the project through regular communication with you.