We recently engaged Betty and her firm for the purpose of working with our Personnel Committee and Church Council to ensure that certain of our congregation's HR processes are aligned with current best-practices of healthy organizations and work environments, and that they are in accordance with how our congregation has grown and matured in size, structure and complexity. The expertise that Betty and her team has brought to bear on our engagement has been relevant, timely, and has come from a place of experience and expertise developed over years of working with a variety of congregations. The insights and recommendations that (Credence & Co.) has been able to apply to our situation have been of significant value, and have allowed us to move forward with confidence and excitement.

Douglas Mennonite Church, Winnipeg, MB

As the founding and lead pastor of a young church I regularly meet people who come to church hoping to escape the conflict they’ve experienced in their families or workplaces. It’s like these people expect churches to be conflict immune. The fact is, conflict is an inevitable part of all rich and real relationships and since these are the types of relationships we try to foster within our congregation we do see conflict from time-to-time. So how do we address conflict in the best manner when it does arise? We hired Jason with the intent of equipping a group of 30 of the leaders in our church to do this and we were not disappointed. Conflict management is an area that Jason is very experienced in and passionate about. From the start of our time together Jason engaged our group and kept them engaged through a series of interesting exercises that helped participants better know themselves as well as relate to others when working on a team. Perhaps most interesting, Jason was able to change many leaders’ perception related to conflict – helping them to see the opportunity that is inherent in conflict situations.

Darrell Bierman

Pastor of River City Church
Betty Pries has been coaching me as I lead a congregation through crisis, confusion and major decisions. One day it dawned on me: "Meeting with Betty is like meeting with a spiritual director" except with a specific focus on how the Spirit is leading through my role in this congregation. Her questions are gentle and pointed and endless. I have been bowled over by the insights I have come to, and the things I have been led to venture.

Cathy Stewart

Interim Minister (Presbyterian)
Recently I engaged Betty Pries to facilitate meetings at which a leadership group sought to develop a realistic plan for its work over the next five years, a plan complicated by the need for wise decision-making concerning the renewal of a one hundred-year-old building. With great skill and insight into the dynamics of group interaction, Betty's leadership resulted in a decision concerning building renewal that was unanimous, and an agreed direction for the future. Her ability to facilitate a complex process was one of, if not, the best I have experienced in my 20 + years in education.


I have had the chance to attend two of Betty Pries' workshops. She is an excellent teacher and facilitator, who brings a wealth of practical experience, learning and wisdom. I find I am applying constantly the things I learned from her. Also, when our Presbytery undertook a re-think of how we function, we engaged Betty to lead us through this process. Her assistance to our team was invaluable. She kept us on track, helped us work through challenges, and offered an outsider's perspective that was most helpful. Finally, in my leadership role in the Presbytery I have had opportunity to work with congregations where Betty has done consulting work. She has laid excellent groundwork for heightened self-awareness about congregational culture and history, setting the table for healing, change and new beginnings.

Rev. Greg Smith-Young

Former chairperson Waterloo Presbytery, The United Church of Canada
Thank you very much for the amazing work you did with the House of Bishops during their recent retreat. Thank you for helping us move into some difficult conversations with grace, courage, and respect. Thank you for grounding everything in prayer. The effect of your work was that a number of us engaged one another in ways we had not done before. You took us some distance in some cases in the building of such relationships and in other cases in the restoring of relationships strained by a lack of trust.

For the blessing of your presence, teaching, facilitation and prayers I am deeply grateful.

Fred J. Hiltz

Archbishop and Primate - Anglican Church of Canada